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Teslin is located on Teslin Lake at the mouth of the Nisutlin River. The recreational potential of the area and spectacular views of the big lake from the Alaska Highway hold considerable appeal for tourists. Teslin is, in fact, an active tourism centre with significant numbers of people stopping over during the summer months. The community lies 183 kilometres east of Whitehorse on the Alaska Highway. Watson Lake is about 260 km farther east.

The First Nation people of the Teslin area are the Inland Tlingit, or the Dakh-ka Tlingit. The Tlingit people have traveled through this area for centuries. Famous as traders, the Tlingit came from Alaska in search of furs for trading, and some settled in the Teslin area. Teslin Lake was an important fishing area for First Nations. During the Klondike Gold Rush, it was one of the waterways used to reach the Yukon River. A small trading post was established in 1903, mainly to serve the Tlingit people living in the area. After the Alaska Highway was completed in 1942, Teslin became a permanent settlement.

Source: Yukon Community Profiles

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