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Watson Lake

Aboriginal Population Census 2006

Datanote: In some cases, the census subdivision boundary does not match the municipal boundary. To provide a more representative estimate of demography in this geographic area, the census subdivisions of Two and One-Half Mile Village (6001034), Two Mile Village (6001033), Upper Liard (6001032), and Watson Lake (6001003) were combined.

Total population by Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal identity population - 20% sample data1,205
Total Aboriginal identity population625
North American Indian single response570
Metis single response40
Inuit single response0
Multiple Aboriginal identity responses0
Aboriginal responses not included elsewhere10
Non-Aboriginal identity population585
Total population by Registered Indian status - 20% sample data1,205
Registered Indian545
Not a Registered Indian665
Total population by Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal ancestry - 20% sample data1,205
Total Aboriginal ancestry population660
North American Indian single ancestry445
North American Indian and non-Aboriginal ancestries185
Metis single ancestry10
Metis and non-Aboriginal ancestries10
Inuit single ancestry0
Inuit and non-Aboriginal ancestries0
Other Aboriginal multiple ancestries10
Non-Aboriginal ancestry population545