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Watson Lake

Labour Force by Industry Census 2006

Datanote: In some cases, the census subdivision boundary does not match the municipal boundary. To provide a more representative estimate of demography in this geographic area, the census subdivisions of Two and One-Half Mile Village (6001034), Two Mile Village (6001033), Upper Liard (6001032), and Watson Lake (6001003) were combined.

Labour force 15 years and over by industry - North American Industry Classification System 2002 - 20% sample data725385340
Industry - Not applicable301510
All industries700370330
Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting (11)101010
Mining and oil and gas extraction (21)706010
Utilities (22)000
Construction (23)50450
Manufacturing (31-33)10100
Wholesale trade (41)101010
Retail trade (44-45)502030
Transportation and warehousing (48-49)403010
Information and cultural industries (51)1000
Finance and insurance (52)10010
Real estate and rental and leasing (53)0100
Professional, scientific and technical services (54)10100
Management of companies and enterprises (55)000
Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services (56)01010
Educational services (61)652045
Health care and social assistance (62)75065
Arts, entertainment and recreation (71)15010
Accommodation and food services (72)904050
Other services (except public administration) (81)251510
Public administration (91)1557580