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Aboriginal Population National Household Survey 2011

Datanote: In some cases, the census subdivision boundary does not match the municipal boundary. To provide a more representative estimate of demography in this geographic area, the census subdivisions of Teslin (6001006) and Teslin Post 13 (60010006) were combined. Global non-response rate for this area: 40.3%

Total population in private households by Aboriginal identity260
Aboriginal identity160
First Nations (North American Indian) single identity155
Metis single identity0
Inuk (Inuit) single identity0
Multiple Aboriginal identities0
Aboriginal identities not included elsewhere0
Non-Aboriginal identity100
Total population in private households by Registered or Treaty Indian status260
Registered or Treaty Indian140
Not a Registered or Treaty Indian115
Total population in private households by Aboriginal ancestry255
Aboriginal ancestry160
First Nations (North American Indian) Aboriginal ancestry155
Metis ancestry0
Inuit ancestry0
Non-Aboriginal ancestry only100