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Ibex Valley

Marital Status and Census Family Structure Census 2016

Total - Marital status for the population aged 15 years and over-100% data345
Married or living common law220
Living common law80
Not married and not living common law130
Never married90
Total - Census families in private households by family size - 100% data120
2 persons75
3 persons20
4 persons10
5 or more persons10
Average size of census families3
Total number of census families in private households-100% data125
Total couple families105
Married couples65
Common-law couples45
Total lone-parent families by sex of parent15
Female parent10
Male parent5
Total - Couple census families in private households -100% data110
Couples without children65
Couples with children45
1 child20
2 children15
3 or more children10
Total - Lone-parent census families in private households10
1 child10
2 children0
3 or more children0
Total - Persons not in census families in private households - 100% data85