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Ibex Valley

Labour Force by Occupation Census 2001

Labour force 15 years and over by occupation - 2001 National Occupational Classification for Statistics - 20% Sample Data20511090
Occupation - Not applicable0100
All occupations20011095
Management occupations (A)151010
Senior management occupations (A0)000
Specialist managers (A1)000
Managers in retail trade, food and accommodation services (A2)1000
Other managers, n.e.c. (A3)1000
Business, finance and administration occupations (B)401030
Professional occupations in business and finance (B0)000
Finance and insurance administration occupations (B1)1000
Secretaries (B2)000
Administrative and regulatory occupations (B3)151010
Clerical supervisors (B4)1000
Clerical occupations (B5)20015
Natural and applied sciences and related occupations (C)10100
Professional occupations in natural and applied sciences (C0)1000
Technical occupations related to natural and applied sciences (C1)1000
Health occupations (D)0010
Professional occupations in health (D0)000
Nurse supervisors and registered nurses (D1)000
Technical and related occupations in health (D2)0010
Assisting occupations in support of health services (D3)0010
Occupations in social science, education, government service and religion (E)251015
Judges, lawyers, psychologists, social workers, ministers of religion, and policy and program officers (E0)10010
Teachers and professors (E1)000
Paralegals, social services workers and occupations in education and religion, n.e.c. (E2)10010
Occupations in art, culture, recreation and sport (F)101010
Professional occupations in art and culture (F0)1000
Technical occupations in art, culture, recreation and sport (F1)1000
Sales and service occupations (G)452025
Sales and service supervisors (G0)000
Wholesale, technical, insurance, real estate sales specialists, and retail, wholesale and grain buyers (G1)000
Retail salespersons and sales clerks (G2)1000
Cashiers (G3)000
Chefs and cooks (G4)10100
Occupations in food and beverage service (G5)000
Occupations in protective services (G6)0100
Occupations in travel and accommodation, including attendants in recreation and sport (G7)10010
Child care and home support workers (G8)000
Sales and service occupations, n.e.c. (G9)15100
Trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations (H)40350
Contractors and supervisors in trades and transportation (H0)000
Construction trades (H1)1000
Stationary engineers, power station operators and electrical trades and telecommunications occupations (H2)000
Machinists, metal forming, shaping and erecting occupations (H3)000
Mechanics (H4)000
Other trades, n.e.c. (H5)1000
Heavy equipment and crane operators, including drillers (H6)10100
Transportation equipment operators and related workers, excluding labourers (H7)10100
Trades helpers, construction and transportation labourers and related occupations (H8)1000
Occupations unique to primary industry (I)10100
Occupations unique to agriculture, excluding labourers (I0)10010
Occupations unique to forestry operations, mining, oil and gas extraction and fishing, excluding labourers (I1)10100
Primary production labourers (I2)000
Occupations unique to processing, manufacturing and utilities (J)000
Supervisors in manufacturing (J0)000
Machine operators in manufacturing (J1)000
Assemblers in manufacturing (J2)000
Labourers in processing, manufacturing and utilities (J3)1000