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Dawson City

Marital Status and Census Family Structure Census 2011

Total population 15 years and over by marital status1,125
Married or living with a common-law partner510
Married (and not separated)305
Living common-law205
Not married and not living with a common-law partner615
Single (never legally married)440
Total number of census families in private households335
Size of census family: 2 persons190
Size of census family: 3 persons75
Size of census family: 4 persons55
Size of census family: 5 or more persons20
Total number of census families in private households330
Total couple families by family structure and number of children245
Married couples145
Without children at home65
With children at home80
1 child35
2 children30
3 or more children15
Common-law couples100
Without children at home70
With children at home35
1 child20
2 children10
3 or more children0
Total lone-parent families by sex of parent and number of children85
Female parent60
1 child40
2 children15
3 or more children5
Male parent20
1 child10
2 children5
3 or more children0
Total children in census families in private households320
Under six years of age85
6 to 14 years105
15 to 17 years30
18 to 24 years60
25 years and over35
Average number of children at home per census family1.0
Total number of persons in private households1,295
Number of persons not in census families395
Living with relatives20
Living with non-relatives only115
Living alone260
Number of census family persons905
Average number of persons per census family2.7
Total number of persons aged 65 years and over in private households100
Number of persons not in census families aged 65 years and over55
Living with relatives5
Living with non-relatives only5
Living alone45
Number of census family persons aged 65 years and over40