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Aboriginal Population Census 2006

Datanote: For smaller communities where the population does not exceed 250 people, income statistics are suppressed. For this reason, the census subdivisions of Carcross (6001048), Carcross 4 (6001008) and Tagish (6001036) were combined to provide income statistics for this geographic region.

Total population by Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal identity population - 20% sample data550
Total Aboriginal identity population255
North American Indian single response240
Metis single response10
Inuit single response10
Multiple Aboriginal identity responses0
Aboriginal responses not included elsewhere0
Non-Aboriginal identity population300
Total population by Registered Indian status - 20% sample data555
Registered Indian230
Not a Registered Indian325
Total population by Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal ancestry - 20% sample data550
Total Aboriginal ancestry population260
North American Indian single ancestry165
North American Indian and non-Aboriginal ancestries90
Metis single ancestry0
Metis and non-Aboriginal ancestries0
Inuit single ancestry10
Inuit and non-Aboriginal ancestries10
Other Aboriginal multiple ancestries10
Non-Aboriginal ancestry population290