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Marital Status and Census Family Structure Census 2001

Total population 15 years and over by legal marital status - 100% Data22,640
Never legally married (single)9,430
Legally married (and not separated)9,160
Separated, but still legally married1,015
Total population 15 years and over by common-law status - 100% Data22,640
Not in a common-law relationship19,085
In a common-law relationship3,555
Total number of census families in private households - 20% Sample Data7,810
Total couple families by family structure and number of children - 20% Sample Data6,265
Married couples4,465
Without children at home1,825
With children at home2,645
1 child950
2 children1,120
3 or more children565
Common-law couples1,795
Without children at home930
With children at home865
1 child380
2 children345
3 or more children140
Total lone-parent families by sex of parent and number of children - 20% Sample Data1,550
Female parent1,225
1 child650
2 children380
3 or more children195
Male parent325
1 child220
2 children85
3 or more children20
Total number of children at home - 20% Sample Data9,160
Under 6 years of age2,015
6-14 years3,845
15-17 years1,355
18-24 years1,445
25 years and over500
Average number of children at home per census family1
Total number of persons in private households - 20% Sample Data28,165
Number of non-family persons4,925
Living with relatives425
Living with non-relatives only1,230
Living alone3,265
Number of family persons23,235
Average number of persons per census family3
Total number of persons 65 years and over - 20% Sample Data1,610
Number of non-family persons 65 years and over675
Living with relatives60
Living with non-relatives only20
Living alone595
Number of family persons 65 years and over930